Interior design, prop styling, branding, events, marketing, social media consulting

"Pictures are the reflector of your business"

Interior design for a new house concept Valo by Lammi Kivitalot

My partners in this project:
Keittiömaailma, Lundia & Laattapiste.


Styling and art directing pictures for a new kitchen brand Blau.

Also helped with their with their visual identity

Photography by
Mikael Pettersson

Minttu Storgårds

Blau_Telakkakatu1_300 ppi_02.jpg

Set design and styling for penthouse apartment reference pictures. 

Photography by Mikael Pettersson

A fair stand design for Bo lkv 

Designing a cafe was like a small dream to come true.
Thanks goes to our partners A.S. Helsingö and Måla&More as well.

Kevätmessut 6.-9.4.2017.

Photography by Mikael Pettersson

Collaborating with a trendsetting company 


From february 2016 I had been freelancing for a real estate agency Bo LKV Helsinki.

Photography by Mikael Pettersson

Pieatarinkatu 16_3784.jpg

Styling interior pictures for a lighting brand


Scandinavian design brand Innolux has used our services for several times to renew their catalogy. The next photo shoot is already appointed for january 2017. 

Photography by Kaisu Jouppi

Innolux styling

Interior design for a concept store 


A new loft apartment was transformed into a concept store. I had an honour to be part of fifth Pop Å pop up store with my "black christmas" themed interior design and styling. 

Photography by Peeta Peltola


Pop Å Lounge
Pop Å Bedroom

Interior design and styling for Housing fair 2016


Together with talented visualist Eeva Takkunen we designed the interior for Vivola's new concept house. It was presented in interior Magazine Asun and gathered lots of positive feedback in social media. 

Photography by Sameli Rantanen


Living in a studio apartment


I like to surround myself with peaceful colours and meaningful items.

My previous home has been presented in interior magazine Deko. 

Year 2015

Photography by Pauliina Salonen